Monitoring of Employees and Field Staff

Monitoring employees and workers by their employer is a very complex and sensitive activity which demands a high level of professionalism and integrity. Basically, those measures are admissible in cases of suspicion of misuse of working time and/or machines, goods or tools.

Field staff with flexible working hours can gain free time by trickery through fake or manipulated work-reports or statements. On concrete suspicion, we put the suspected employee under surveillance during alleged/regular working hours and document visited customers, kilometres travelled and other relevant information such as expenses and activities.

The discrepancies between real work-performance and expenses and the reported activities and costs are sometimes amazingly significant.

Our internal statistics show that in eight out of ten cases Detektei Bayerl has been assigned to investigate relevant suspicions, manipulated reports and expenses claims have been provided to the employer.

The offenders can be found at all levels of a company, even at managerial level we find such cases of expenses-fraud and fraudulent reporting.

The labour court in Frankfurt (reference number: 7 Ca 10541/09) ruled:

“If employees cheat their employers on expenses, their employment can be terminated without notice. This applies even if it is an isolated case and the sum in question is low. A previous warning is not necessary.“

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Our services in economic investigation

  • Address and residence determination
  • Detecting interception technology
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Sick-Note fraud
  • Trademark and product piracy
  • Employee and field service verification
  • Insurance fraud
  • Infringement of competition
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