Divorce and Maintenance Issues

After a separation nothing stays as it was. The main reason for our engagement here is false statements regarding income and assets.

The real income is often concealed by both dependents and the person with maintenance obligations. The real income situation can be obscured by undeclared work, management of companies by front men or stooges, not declared inheritance or proceeds kept secret.

Although every person involved in the alimony process is obliged to report changes in their income and assets situation, some of them don’t comply with their obligations. Discreet investigations by our experts provide clarity in those cases.

Another topic which occupies the courts in this context is “new” relationships which are kept secret in order not do endanger maintenance claims. Also in these cases people require the assistance of our detective agency.

In order to prove the existence of a marriage-like relationship, comprehensive inquiries and investigations are necessary to fulfil the courts’ requirements for evidence.

Proof of cohabitation and its financial advantages to the dependent can lead to a massive financial relief for the person with alimony obligations.

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Our services in private investigation

  • Address Inquiries
  • Detecting listening devices
  • Theft and sabotage
  • Personal monitoring
  • Divorce and maintenance matters
  • Debtor determination
  • Custody investigations and child abduction
  • Infidelity in marriage and partnership
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