Infidelity in Marriage and Partnership

One of the most common reasons for the engagement of our agency is infidelity or unfaithfulness in a marriage or a partnership.

In order to convict a “two-timer”, our private investigators are assigned to surveillance and inquiries. The report gives you detailed information regarding time and place as well as about persons contacted by your partner.

Further investigations of the person your partner has a relationship to, can be conducted during the surveillance or afterwards.

In the past, specialists of our detective-agency have also checked out whether alleged business trips or private holidays with certain persons actually really took place. 

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Our services in private investigation

  • Address Inquiries
  • Detecting listening devices
  • Theft and sabotage
  • Personal monitoring
  • Divorce and maintenance matters
  • Debtor determination
  • Custody investigations and child abduction
  • Infidelity in marriage and partnership
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