For almost 30 years, Detective Agency Bayerl has provided professional services to lawyers, businesses and individuals as an economic and private detective agency.

From the headquarters of Detective Agency Bayerl in Munich and our branch offices in Hamburg and Augsburg, we cover the entire territory of Germany and neighboring countries with our team. Together with our worldwide network partners, we are also internationally active for you. We offer much more than investigations and observations.

For us, a personal relationship of trust with our clients is just as important as the professional competence. Both together are the basis for successful work. That’s why we attach great importance to individual and tailor-made solutions.

In a personal conversation we offer you a competent analysis of the situation and competent advice. Together with you we develop efficient strategies to solve your problems. You benefit from our many years of experience, absolute discretion and the high degree of flexibility with which we operate for you.

Our services in economic investigation

  • Address and residence determination
  • Detecting interception technology
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Sick-Note fraud
  • Trademark and product piracy
  • Employee and field service verification
  • Insurance fraud
  • Infringement of competition

Our services in private investigation

  • Address Inquiries
  • Detecting listening devices
  • Theft and sabotage
  • Personal monitoring
  • Divorce and maintenance matters
  • Debtor determination
  • Custody investigations and child abduction
  • Infidelity in marriage and partnership