Detecting interception technology

In a time of modern technology and the Internet, it is no problem to obtain listening devices or so-called “bugs” as well as other means of listening. Listening devices are getting smaller and smaller and can, despite this miniaturization, more and more. The monitoring device or bug has long been one of the basic elements of industrial espionage.

Listening devices in companies

For businesses professional hearing protection is a serious topic. If internal points of the enterprise are bugged, usually high damages arise. The detection of such mini transmitters requires great experience and above all a comprehensive technical equipment.

Our technicians specialize in the search for monitoring equipment and, if suspected, carry out room checks in your office and conference rooms. Found technique is expertly secured and examined.

Of course, our specialists for monitoring technology also advise you in securing rooms against corresponding eavesdropping attacks by means of a listening device.

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Our services in economic investigation

  • Address and residence determination
  • Detecting interception technology
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Sick-Note fraud
  • Trademark and product piracy
  • Employee and field service verification
  • Insurance fraud
  • Infringement of competition
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