Monitoring of Persons

Surveillance of a person is a very sensitive and discreet activity which demands a high level of professionalism and integrity. Regardless of whether it concerns a partner, children, or people in your personal environment, it is especially important in those cases to act with a high degree of discretion.

The reasons for surveillance may differ significantly. It may be to establish whom the child or partner associates with or whether the partner conceals facts like a gambling addiction, contacts to the red light milieu or costly hobbies.

Upon concrete suspicion and based on a justified interest, surveillance and inquiries are not only allowed but often also the only way to gain clarity.

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Our services in private investigation

  • Address Inquiries
  • Detecting listening devices
  • Theft and sabotage
  • Personal monitoring
  • Divorce and maintenance matters
  • Debtor determination
  • Custody investigations and child abduction
  • Infidelity in marriage and partnership
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