Address and Residence Inquiries

There are various reasons why you need to know the address or the whereabouts of a certain person. Whether you’re searching for an old class-mate, colleague or friend you’ve lost contact with or you are looking for a relative you’ve never met or haven’t had contact with for a long time.

Often the whereabouts of the biological father is required. In all of these cases Detektei Bayerl conducts expedient investigations at home and abroad.

The duties of a detective also include tracing of debtors and establishing assets. This is a necessary requirement in order to effect seizure.

We establish not only the official address of the debtor but also, and more importantly, the actual location of the debtor.

Our economic detectives investigate inter alia the debtors’ register and make a recommendation whether an attempt to seize would be successful.

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Our services in economic investigation

  • Address and residence determination
  • Detecting interception technology
  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Sick-Note fraud
  • Trademark and product piracy
  • Employee and field service verification
  • Insurance fraud
  • Infringement of competition
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